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Kit: Upgradeware Slot-T Slotket + Celeron 1200 Dell GX1
E 69,00 inc. BTW
E 57,02 exc. BTW
Picture of Kit: Upgradeware Slot-T Slotket + Celeron 1200 Dell GX1

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N    Kit: Upgradeware Slot-T Slotket + Celeron 1200 Dell GX1       69,00  

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Product Information
This is a new, unused product - Dit is een nieuw, ongebruikt artikel

KIT consisting of:
* Upgradeware Slot-T Slotket
* Intel Celeron 1300 MHz FCPGA2 Tualatin Boxed
* Cooler included with the Boxed Celeron

Specifics on the Upgradeware Slot-T
Very advanced slotket with which it`s possible to install a Tualatin Socket 370 processor (1000MHz up to 1400Mhz) in a Slot 1 mainboard.
Please note that old PPGA socket 370 processors are not supported for use with this slotket.

Check this extensive list if your mainboard is compatible:

You can return this undamaged and in the original packaging within 14 days if it doesn`t work with your mainnboard. We will refund the costs for the convertor minus 5 euro administration fee. We do not refund the shipping costs.
We do expect from you that you send in a test report.

If your mainboard isn`t listed in the compatibility list on the Upgradeware site, this means that your mainboard has not been tested yet with the Slot-T adapter. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that a Slot 1 mainboard that supports Coppermine processors, will probably also accept Tualatin processors when the Slot-T is used.

Please note that the Tualatin Celerons and Pentium III processors are a lot faster than Katmai and Coppermine counterparts. That`s because they have more cache memory and new advance 0.13 micron core. Another advantage is the higher overclocking posibilities due to the lower heat dissipation.
As an example: The 1.4 GHz Celeron Tualatin FCPGA2 is almost as fast as a Pentium IV 1.7GHz.

Using this Slot-T Convertor you can combine the performance of the legendary Intel 440BX chipset with the latest Tualatin CPU`s.

Please note that you at least need a 100Mhz FSB to run the Tualatin Celerons and a 100MHz FSB to run the Tualatin Pentium III processors.

This convertors also works perfectly with the MSI 6190, also sold as the Medion 9901. All Slot 1 PC`s sold by ALDI in the past can thus be upgraded to 1.4GHz using this convertor.

Check the performance gain when you upgrade to Tualatin:

Read a very good review at Tom`s Hardware:

Photo of the read of the Slot-T:

Photo of the packagingn:

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